Frisco California Has More Job Offers Than Applicants

“The difficulty becomes that employers in the service industry cannot typically afford to pay a wage that would allow their employees to actually live in fast-growing cities like Frisco….”

Manufacturer Foxconn Considering $10 billion Jobs Investment in the U.S

Taiwanese electronics manufacturer manufactures smartphones and other products for companies like Apple. The investment could add up to 50,000 new jobs in the US, across as many as three states.

How Vulnerable Are American Communities to Automation, Trade, & Urbanization?

The recent report from Ball State University maps the risk of automation and offshoring job losses at the county level in the United States. The report suggests that “roughly one in four American jobs, across the income and educational spectrum, are at risk of foreign competition in the coming years. Much more critically, approximately half of the jobs are at risk for automation”

What Job Can You Do That A Robot Can’t?

The nature of work is changing, fast, hastened by artificial intelligence and robotic mechanization.  So what types of work seems destined to outlast the robot revolution?

This article below lists 7 jobs that will still require humans….hands on jobs (like massage of course) but also health care and civil engineering.

Charles Schwab Building Major Hub in Dallas-Fort Worth

Charles Schwab is building a new campus in Westlake Texas that could eventually house more than than the 4000 employees in the Denver location.

Amazon Adding Thousands of Cloud and Warehouse Jobs

Amazon is growing Fast….both on the ground and in the cloud.

Amazon announced it is adding a new warehouse with up to 1800 new jobs in North Haven, Connecticut

and another 1500 jobs to Northern Virginia is its Amazon Web Services division.

Amazon bringing another 1,500 jobs to Northern Virginia