Graduating Medical Residents Flooded With Job Offers

Merritt Hawkins reports :

“Seventy-six percent of primary care residents received 50 or more job solicitations during their medical training while 55% received 100 or more, survey data shows.”

Mark Cuban Discusses Asking For Equity With Your Next Job Offer

“If you can take a job that allows you to earn equity in your company, that’s always a huge advantage,” he said. “It doesn’t have to be a tech company. It can be a company that makes bricks. If you have the opportunity to work for a company that offers you equity, that offers you a chance to participate in the upside, particularly if it’s early in its life cycle, that’s a chance to really do well.”

Generac Power Systems Inc. Plans Additional Jobs in Wisconsin

Generac Power Systems Inc. is planning on expanding and renovating facilities in Wisconsin, with the assistance of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corp., and plans to add about 400 jobs.